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SingleHop Coupon – FREE copy of CPanel!

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SingleHop Review

The web hosting needs of the average consumer or business user have grown exponentially in recent years, driven by the rush to place nearly every piece of corporate or personal information in the cloud. Of course, the trend toward increased hosting demands had started long before the cloud-based data revolution and the wide adoption of smartphones. Businesses and consumers are increasingly requiring advanced servers to run next-generation videoconferencing and collaboration applications, and the rising popularity of online shopping has required advanced server setups to perform even routine eCommerce functions. With all of these demands held by both consumers and businesses, there is one company which has risen to the occasion by specializing in both dedicated and cloud server products. SingleHop, founded more than a half-decade ago in 2006, is one of the leading companies specializing in high-powered servers for a wide range of consumers.

Cloud Server Hosting for All Consumers

One of the hallmarks of a web hosting plan with SingleHop is how exceedingly affordable the company has made its tiered service. This is exemplified by the company's $50 shared cloud server hosting plan, which far undercuts the competition in terms of both server power and price. The base plan, at the aforementioned monthly fee of $50, grants purchasers access to 25GB of server storage space, a single core of processing power, and a single gigabyte of RAM. Prices increase as the buyer adds more space, RAM, or processing power, and SingleHop maxes out its cloud server pricing at a staggering $670 per month for true enterprise solutions.

Every cloud server product sold by SingleHop is instantly scalable and those who purchase a cloud server hosting plan with the company will enjoy access to a large number of operating system choices which can be deployed, erased, and reinstalled at a time of their choosing. From purchase to setup, the average wait time for a cloud server plan is a mere 61 minutes at SingleHop, far outpacing the company's nearest competition.

When Cloud Hosting Won't Cut it, a SingleHop Dedicated Server Will

Cloud hosting is a great option for those who need a combination of both remote data and information storage as well as a place to host a traditional website. However, these servers are still "virtual" in nature, meaning their resources are shared with other customers who purchase similar plans. That's fine for most bushiness, but it simply won't get the job done efficiently for large-scale corporate and major enterprise customers. Those customers will instead be best served by a dedicated server product offered by SingleHop at slightly higher monthly rates.

The company's dedicated server plans start at just $99 per month, with those lower-end customers enjoying access to an Intel Atom processor, 250GB of hard disk space, 10TB of monthly data transfer, and 2GB of installed RAM. This is an excellent value on a powerful product, and includes one of the most robust bandwidth allotments of any major web hosting company. Customers can escalate the power of the server to include more data transfer and installed RAM, as well as more powerful Intel processors. In higher pricing tiers, SingleHop offers dedicated server products powered by Intel Core2Do, Core i3, i5, and i7, and Intel Xeon processors for truly demanding clients.

Excellent Support Offered by SingleHop to Consumers

The sales department at SingleHop operates between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Central Standard Time, and the company's other departments (including technical support) can be reached via a separate toll-free number between the typical business hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the same timezone. The company maintains these same hours on weekends and holidays, and offers a 24-hour support solution via both a live online chat application and priority-based support tickets. These support tickets can be filed within the user control panel, which is the same location where all billing procedures and feature requests are handled by the company. This self-serve solution is quite robust, and it saves consumers the hassle of waiting on hold for a representative or waiting in the online chat queue when basic adjustments or issues need to be handled.

For information about changes to service, potential downtime, or software upgrades, customers can follow the company's own press release area on the website as well as their helpful company blog. SingleHop can also be found via the world's two leading social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, for more general concerns and a chance to interact with company technicians and sales representatives outside the official website.

SingleHop is a Solid Resource for Consumers of all Grades

When it comes to providing robust server-based web hosting products to consumers, SingleHop is one of the best choices online. The company skips out on the shared hosting industry, instead choosing to specialize in dedicated and shared cloud servers that are for more popular and in demand, given today's focus on remote storage and powerful enterprise applications. This attention to server expertise, combined with affordable pricing, means that SingleHop is the right fit for powerful developer and consumer users, as well as global enterprises and corporations who need a powerful server to keep their online commerce and information management operations chugging along.